What is Tableau?

It’s an intuitive business intelligence tool that enables data analysis to anyone in any organization. In no time analyzes and explores data. The drag & drop interface allows you to quickly find trends or outliers. In addition, anyone in the team will be able to ask questions in natural language.

Tableau is a group of tools that together create a universal work environment with data. Prep is used to clean up and combine data. At any time, the data will be available, here you can ask questions, look for deeper causes and receive answers that will definitely change your perspective. What’s more, the tool is distinguished by interactive dashboards that can be accessed by anyone in your organization in a secure Server environment.

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Ecosystem Tableau Software

Tableau Desktop thanks to visual analysis makes it possible to discover stories in data. You can choose different data sources: spreadsheets, databases or big data sources. Then group, sort and filter data in a few seconds. In Desktop, you can easily extract the sales results of individual products and quickly find the cause of worse or better results. It is a tool thanks to which you will discover new information and change your perspective. At any time you will be able to change the type of chart and to adapt the visualization to the true origin of the problem. With the help of drag & drop, you can observe forecasts that will help you discover the opportunities for your strategy. The desktop is intuitive because it answers such simple questions as: will I sell more next year? On the other hand, it gives you the ability to create your own advanced calculations as well as integration with R.


What can we use Tableau Desktop for?

  • Data connection
  • Creating advanced reports
  • Advanced analytical functionalities
  • Sharing and granting permissions
  • Reporting automation

Regardless of whether the data comes from spreadsheets, databases or big data sources. Thanks to Tableau Prep, you can easily transform the data for analysis and group it using intelligent algorithms. Prep enables publishing and planning of data flows. It is a solution for all business users who would like to check the quality of their data or supplement it with additional information from other sources without coding. Thanks to alert settings, Prep allows you to constantly control data flows.


What can we use Tableau Prep for?

  • Data connection
  • Data profiling
  • Data cleansing
  • Data Transformation
  • Aggregating

Tableau Server is a business intelligence center in your organization. It allows for consistency of reports as well as data. All platform users have access to reports and data refreshed at the current time. Users have the option of advanced analysis, asking data questions, as well as commenting and simultaneous collaboration on reports. Server administrator panel gives full information about reports and users logging in to the tool, the ability to grant permissions, reset access passwords. Reports can be embedded on websites and applications, thanks to the JavaScript API.


What can we use the Tableau Server for?

  • Data safety
  • Permission management
  • Cooperation in the organization
  • Building business reports
  • Automation
  • Mobile Access

Tableau is constantly developing and meeting market expectations. We have been able to embed reports in applications since 2017, but now it’s even easier thanks to the Java Script API and the new Embedded license model. Now you can provide your customers with valuable information and bring products to market faster.











How do we implement Tableau?

We help you take the first step in Busienss Intelligence. We are experts in data visualization, so if you are struggling with illegible Excel sheets, we will help you successfully use your data and convert it into business success.

We audit the operation of BI platforms. If you have clearly defined business expectations, we will make a dashboard for you or build an entire analytical platform. We can also audit your dashboards and indicate what to do to make them look and work better. We also provide subcontracting services for dashboard design.

We manage BI implementation projects in your organization. If your team lacks an experienced project manager, we’ll be happy to do it for you. We have already completed many projects and we know what methodologies work best in specific conditions. Most often we run projects according to agile methods but if necessary we also use traditional methods. Our motto is ‘Get Things Done’.

We make models of target corporate architecture including all critical elements. In order for the implementation to provide maximum benefit, its impact on the organization’s landscape must be honestly assessed. A good plan is the key, and thanks to us you will get a road map to the BI.

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