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Quickly answer questions with MSA!

  • What market share does the selected SKU have at the moment?
  • How has the share changed over the last 12 months?
  • What is the average price on a selected brand or SKU, and what is the competition?
  • What place do we hold in comparison to our competition?
  • How does our level of sales look compared to competition?
Who for?
Sees market position and tracks key indicators
Brand Manager
Sees how their brand behaves in comparison to the competition
Pricing Manager
Protects the pricing policy
Market Analyst
The need to answer business questions quickly
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How does it work?

We supply analytical views prepared in Tableau with the data you buy from research companies. We display outlooks for you through a secure platform (after login) on any web browser or mobile device. You no longer have to worry about Excel’s performance or spend long hours analysing the data you pay for. The Market Share Analysis tool will allow you to analyse in a safe and simple way. You will be able to test every possibility discussed during business meetings without having to involve an analyst!

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