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About us

We provide visual data analysis for the best companies. What we believe in is efficient communication through data visualization. Tableau is the tool of choice.
We love to revolutionize business through data science and analytics. We use Alteryx to build data models and enchance analytical capabilities. We have the satisfaction of being the Alteryx partner. Together we empower organizations to experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster.

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Our great joy is speeding up access to data. We are a Fivetran partner that enables a smooth, fast, scalable, and lightning-fast data transfer process. We understand that reliable data access is crucial for modern organizations. Contact us to see how we connect to data as fast as we turn on the light.

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Our mission

To assist companies extract relevant information from data, supporting decision-making processes at all levels and as a result, improve the effectiveness and performance of individuals, departments and entire companies. Our number one motivation is the personal success of our clients and their business

The values

We pride ourselves by always putting our customer first in addition to, developing effective internal and external communication based on trust. Our values are used to create a vizyble difference.
Customer success
Customer success

Our first and most important value is your success. We set ourselves a high bar and we want to provide a service that is visible to you. We are experienced and come recommended as the best consultants. Our device is a vizyble customer.


We provide the highest quality of services; we are transparent in terms of the work performed, time and cost. We believe in interpersonal relationships and they are at the core of our business.

A friendly and open culture
A friendly and open culture

The basis for building excellent customer service is the positive culture of our company and our good internal relationships. In our company, we create a work atmosphere that encourages creativity; providing a sense of stability and understanding for everyone regardless of their position within our team.


The core of our team are highly experienced people who have worked with Tableau from the very beginning of its existence on the Polish market in 2012.

They are the people shaping this market through Tableau Software, partner companies and client companies. This experience is invaluable but we continue to learn through international conferences and by following the latest trends. Our training methodology allows creative people to effectively learn in Tableau technology and our friendly and open culture helps them to fulfil their full potential.

Mateusz Różański

Expert in the field of controlling and certified Tableau consultant. He has been involved in finances for many years. Since 2015 he has been dealing with Tableau, first as a user and from 2017 as a consultant who combines the knowledge of business processes with a great knowledge of the tool. The finalist of the Controller Award 2016 contest organized by ICV Poland. He has CIMA Global Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. He spends his free time preparing for next ultra runs.

"I see the top and I want to run on it right away. However, the question always arises how to prepare for it? Schedule workouts, performance in individual stages, adopted calories, time to rest. There is a lot of data that leads me up. The data help me achieve my goals."
Mateusz Kopiec

He got acquainted with Tableau at the beginning of his career in IT. From seller he became a certified consultant in 7 years. He gained experience working in various projects in Poland and abroad for the following industries: finance, automotiv, transport, FMCG. He efficiently solves problems because he can quickly see what the client needs. Passionate about martial arts and titled Muay Thai.

Previously, I analyzed the fights of my next opponents before I met them in the ring, now I analyze the data. That's why I can say that I'm doing my whole life analysis!"
Karolina Kitzman

For many years associated with marketing in academia, where she created brand research projects in B2C and B2B in cooperation with university. She has experience in managing research projects and creating synergies from digital generation drive as well as expert experience. Phd in management who combines psychological and social knowledge with digital communication. At Vizyble, she is responsible for brand and B2B products marketing.

"In my free time I tap and dance. I like swing, which is based on good communication. Here is also the sender and recipient, and the effect depends on the relevant formulation of the message."
Aleksandra Filipek

For 2 years associated with area of Data Center and Business Development. She is Certified Associate in Tableau. She has experience in dealing with business clients and creating training programs. She spends every free moment exploring the high mountains, traveling and flying a drone.

"For me, visual data analysis is broadening my perspective and discovering what is imperceptible at first glance. Thanks to numerous backpacker travels around the world, I know how important and valuable is a creative look at the resources I have. "
Wiktor Kitzman

For many years he has been entrepreneur chasing for consecutive hardware projects. His recent project was FLYO - flying electric hydrofoil board where he founded the company and managed the hardware team from the prototype to the sample stage.

"I love data the same way as I used to love SolidWorks design and manufacturing in CAM. For a long time I was involved in CNC industry now I believe the Data will become one of the most important fields in fast changing world and I fill like jumping on that train”
Mateusz Broja
Mateusz Broja

At Vizyble, he works on visualizations and ETL processes. He is a certified Alteryx and Tableau developer. Systematically develops his competences in Data Science, including machine learning. He is a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate.

"I believe that the moral issues of developing artificial intelligence will remain clear to people and the approach will be ethical. Thus, I feel that this is the path I would like to take in the future."


We can help you with:

Data Visualization

If you decided to implement Tableau in your organization, but you need an experienced consultant who delivered the project on time and on a budget.

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We offer training at Tableau at all levels, as well as tailor-made training. Our work methodology is the result of hundreds of hours of training. We tested different working methods and we know what works best.

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We offer quick on-line support for Tableau users, which you can use to solve technical problems or consulting in the field of data visualization.

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If you believe in building customer success. If you believe that good relationships are based on trust and you appreciate an atmosphere at work that releases creativity; providing a sense of stability and understanding for everyone regardless of their position. Then we invite you to create a vizyble difference with us!


We’re here to help give you the information you need to make the right decision

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