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There are 36 questions ahead of you, prepared according to the patterns of questions appearing in Tableau certification exams. The questions will test your knowledge of Tableau software, each of them may have more than one correct answer.

All questions concern Superstore sample database data, available as open-source base data in Tableau. All questions refer to the Orders sheet, unless otherwise specified.

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Tableau Mock-up Test

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What is the percent of total Sales for the ‘Corporate’ Customer Segment in May of 2012 in US?

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How many unique products (Product ID) took an average of 5 days to ship (time period from when the order was placed to when ii was shipped)?

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Use Order Date to determine 6 months moving average of Sum of Profit for May 2012 (not including).

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What is the name of product with the maximum Shipping Cost for APAC Market?

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Use Returns Sheet and Orders Sheet to calculate percentage of orders (Order ID) which were returned.

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What percent of total profits did the the top 5 countries from Africa by Sum of Sales represent?

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Create a hierarchy containing Segment - Market - Sub-Category, and then create a vizualization showing Profit Ratio for this hierarchy. Which Segment - Market - Sub-Category row has the highest Profit Ratio?

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Create a histogram showing the number of Sales using Sales Bins of $5 000. What is Sum of Quantity for bins 15K and 20K?

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Build a scatter plot showing the Sum of Profit on the x-axis and Sum of Sales on the y-axis for all cities. What is R-Sqared value for Exponential Trend Line?

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In which Market do all Categories fall above the overall average Sales? (select all that apply)

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For the EU, which country has the biggest profit difference between the values of the largest and the smallest segment?

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Which Ship Mode has a Shipping Cost to Sales ratio higher than average Discount? (select all that apply)

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Create time serie using Quarters from Order Date and Sum of Sales. What is the Sales prediction for 2016 K1?

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What is the distance between two postal codes locations with the biggest Sum of Sales in Los Angeles (US)?

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What is the the second most purchased Product Name by customers for the first time?

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Find the Market with the lowest overall profit. What is its profit ratio?

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What is the Sum of Sales growth rate from 2013 to 2014 in UK, Germany and France combined?

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Using Return sheet and Orders sheet identify the manager (Person) with the lowest overall year over year growth?

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Is the overall average for Quantity in 2013 higher or lower than the average for only July, August and September (from 2013 year)?

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Using People Sheet and Orders Sheet, which manager (Person) will have estimated value of Sum of Sales in 2015 above 500 000$? (select all that apply)

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Create a histogram showing the number of Sales using Sales Bins of $1000. How many bins have Profit Ratio of less than 1%?

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What is the profit ratio of the province in Nigeria which borders the country of Chad?

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Which product has the highest Sum of Sales in more than one region? (select all that apply)

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What percent of the total Sales do the top 5 customers by Profit represent?

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Build a scatter plot showing the Sum of Sales on the x-axis and Sum of Profit on the y-axis for all products (Product ID). What is the equation for the linear regression for products in Furniture Category?

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Which sentence is incorrect about density map?

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A dimension:

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Which of these values is not shown on the box-plot diagram?

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A Reference Line can be controlled by a parameter.

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Bullet graph is proper choice for:

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Fields with name containing words like "ID" or "Key" would be categorize by Tableau as measures, if they have numeric values.

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Which sentence is correct about data blending? (select all that apply)

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Dimension Filters are executed before: (select all that apply)

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If you use a full outer join to combine tables and a value from either table doesn't have a match with the other table, you will see a null value in the data grid.

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Which sentences are correct about Data Extracts?

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Which LOD expression compute a value without reference to the dimensions in the view.

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