We offer Tableau trainings that we have developed during many training sessions and we are constantly perfecting. We train talents from various industries and departments and we know that Tableau brings a new quality to their daily work. We will be pleased if you let us enter your world of data.

What will you gain by learning Tableau?

Tableau connects directly to data sources and allows you to automate tedious processes that do not bring added value. Once built, the dashboard will update as often as you like.

You can perform operations on data that take up a lot of time in Tableau. Again, saving valuable time for more interesting tasks (or for another cup of coffee).

Visual data analysis is a new quality of work for people who work with tabular data. Through effective visualization, Tableau reveals new, previously invisible stories which were hidden in data.

The proper use of data analysis allows achieving better business results in many aspects. You can save time, costs, increase revenues and notice new market opportunities. All you need is a specific goal, good data and of course Tableau.

The ability to work with data ranks high in the rankings of the most sought-after competences on the labor market. The tool itself is already used by over 86,000 companies around the world, including brands such as Verizon, Coca-Cola, Southwest and Netflix. Tableau is becoming more and more popular also in Poland, which is why the demand for Tableau specialists is constantly growing.

How we work?

We are experienced Tableau trainers and we have developed proven training methods. We conduct training on original materials using the workshop method. We place great emphasis on the practical aspect of the training and on specific business scenarios. During our hand-on courses we create management and analytical dashboards. We provide participants with teaching materials in the form of a presentation (manual) and exercises in .twbx files with solutions. You can always come back to them.

Tableau training in Vizyble always in small groups!
Thanks to this:

  • work pace adapted to all participants
  • content tailored to the users’ problems

Educational path

Tableau Desktop Quick Start

This training will allow you to admire the possibilities of Tableau Desktop and quickly go to work with data. After the Tableau Desktop Quick Start training, you will be able to create aesthetic visualizations, dashboards and analyze data effectively. The training is mainly dedicated to business users and does not require previous experience with Tableau. This is your first step to the world of agile and powerful data analysis.

  • What is Business Intelligence and the Tableau ecosystem?
  • How to connect to data sources and create data models?
  • How to create interactive visualizations and dashboards?
  • How to use calculations for data analysis?
  • How to share analyzes with others?


One-day training (7 hours of training):

  • On-site open
  • Online closed
  • Online open

We recommend combining Tableau Quick Start and Tableau Data Analyst in two consecutive training days.

Tableau Desktop Data Analyst

This module is the next step to learn about all the features of Tableau Desktop. We recommend participation to people who already know the basics of Tableau Desktop in the field of Quick Start training. We cover more advanced analytical techniques. After completing the Tableau Desktop Data Analyst module, the participant will have a thorough foundation to start working with Tableau Desktop independently.

  • How to build more complex visualizations?
  • How to create complex calculations (LOD)?
  • How to use statistical functions?
  • What elements of interactivity to use through parameters and actions?
  • How to use advanced visualization techniques on maps?
  • How to combine different data sources into one data model?
  • What good dashboard design practices should be used?
  • How to analyze structure, dynamics, shares?
  • What to look for in terms of performance?

One-day training (7 hours of training):

  • On-site closed
  • On-site open
  • Online closed
  • Online open

We recommend combining Tableau Quick Start and Tableau Data Analyst in two consecutive training days.

Tableau Server Admin

The training is dedicated to users who will be responsible for the content in Tableau Server (including Workbooks, data sources, Tableau Prep workflow, data refresh schedule, access to resources and many others).

The training allows you to understand and test the operation of Tableau Server processes.

The trainer will present Use Cases for inefficient instances and methods for tracking performance problems and possible solutions.

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate

Passing the Tableau Qualified Associate exam is not difficult at all, but requires developing the ability to respond to specifically prepared tasks under time pressure. After our training, your chances of passing the exam will be much higher!

  • How do you sign up for the exam?
  • What is the formula of the exam?
  • What is the key to the questions and what to expect during the exam?
  • How to answer questions quickly?
  • How to study yourself?

One-day training (7 hours of training):

  • On-site closed
  • On-site open
  • Online closed.


Tableau Prep

Do you work with Tableau Desktop but face more complex challenges when modeling data? The training will familiarize you with the possibilities of the Tableau Prep tool, which in combination with Tableau Desktop gives you great possibilities. You don’t need to have experience as a data engineer, this tool is very intuitive. However, it offers many advanced cleaning and transformation techniques to solve the daily challenges posed by distributed and contaminated data sources.

  • How does the Tableau Prep interface work?
  • What is the philosophy of working with data flow?
  • How to connect to files and source databases?
  • How to work with metadata?
  • How to profile and explore data in the model?
  • How to combine, aggregate data sources
  • How to clean up data using various techniques
  • How do you add R / Python scripts?

One-day training (7 hours of training):

  • On-site closed
  • Online closed.

The current open training offer

Tableau Desktop Quick Startonline
Tableau Desktop Data Analystonline
Tableau Preponline

Training for your company

We have been helping people in various positions to improve their skills for many years. Thanks to our trainings, Tableau achieve rapid development, which leads to the development of entire organizations.

We run closed trainings that can be implemented at the request of companies. If you want to organize training for your team, at your company’s headquarters, contact us.


After submitting the application to us via the form from the website, you will receive by e-mail confirmation and details of the advance payment. Your seat is reserved for 3 business days from the date of sending the email. After receiving the transfer, we will send you information on exactly where the training will take place and the information needed to prepare for it.

Open trainings take place in Warsaw, in the center of Katowice and Krakow.

We conduct training in small groups of up to 10 people, in which participants feel more at ease and have more opportunities to ask questions.


Yes, it is possible, but it can generate additional costs depending on the size of the changes. We would like to discuss this individually to find the optimal solution. If you are interested in developing a training based on your data, write to us.

We are flexible and adapt to your needs during the training. The trainer can quickly recognize the group’s level and learning curve, and adjust the pace and cases as needed during training. Usually 10% of the course outline is moderated during the training.

Closed training means that we are coming to your office to conduct the training. That is why it is important to provide a conference room in which all participants feel comfortable. Alternatively, in exceptional circumstances, we can arrange a training venue for your team, but this would involve additional costs. Open registration means that you join the training in one of our locations and join participants from various companies in the designated training place.

Ask for any Tableau training for your team

You can ask us any question about Tableau training. CONTACT US.