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Tableau Prep Builder helps quickly and confidently transform the data for analysis. Thanks to the visual, transparent interface it allows you to see all your data at a glance. Connect to the data you care about no matter if these are files, databases, sources in the cloud. Visually combine, shape multiple tables in real time into one data source. Find errors and fix them in real time.

Analysis and preparation of data in Tableau has never been so easy!

Zakres szkolenia

  • Connecting to data
  • Possible connections to files and databases
  • Live vs Extract operating modes
  • metadata
  • Joining tables (joins)
  • Merging tables (union)
  • Data cleaning using the Data Interpreter
  • Pivot

  • Tableau Desktop interface
  • Methods of work with the interface
  • Dimensions vs measures
  • Use of “Show Me”
  • Work with Date fields
  • Building 24 basic views
  • Data analysis on the map
  • Chart formatting
  • Labels, annotations, titles, captions

  • The concept of aggregation and order of operations
  • Basic arithmetic calculations
  • Calculations in text fields
  • Calculations on date fields
  • Conditional IF expressions

  • Table calculations
  • Filters
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Hierarchies
  • Elements of descriptive statistics: trend lines, clustering, forecast

  • Overview of the dashboard visualization linking layout
  • Recalling filters
  • Dashboard objects
  • Filter and highlight actions
  • Story creation

  • Packed workbooks and work with Tableau Reader
  • Publishing to Tableau Server
  • Publishing on Tableau Public

  • Troubleshooting

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