Open or dedicated training for your company

The training is offered to business users who want to analyze data efficiently and do not require previous experience with Tableau. The training reveals the secrets of visual data analysis using Tableau Desktop. After the training, participants will be able to independently create aesthetic visualizations, dashboards and effectively analyze data.

The training scope

  • Starting connection with data
  • Possible connections to files and databases
  • Live vs Extract operating modes
  • Metadata

  • Tableau Desktop interface
  • Ways to work with the interface
  • Dimensions vs measures
  • Use of “Show Me”
  • Work with Date fields
  • Building 24 basic views
  • Data analysis on the map
  • Chart formatting
  • Labels, annotations, titles, captions

  • The concept of aggregation and order of operations
  • Basic arithmetic calculations
  • Calculations in text fields
  • Calculations on date fields
  • Conditional IF expressions

  • Table calculations
  • Filters
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Hierarchies
  • Elements of descriptive statistic

  • Overview of the dashboard visualization linking layout
  • Recalling filters
  • Dashboard objects
  • Filter and highlight actions, URL
  • Story creation

  • Packed workbooks and work with Tableau Reader
  • Publishing to Tableau Server
  • Publishing on Tableau Public

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