Open or dedicated training for your company

Training dedicated to those who are able to use Tableau Desktop to solve their data problems and want to confirm their skills by obtaining the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate certificate. The training aims to prepare you for the exam. You will familiarize yourself with sample questions and learn to answer them quickly. Thanks to us you will increase your chances of getting a certificate.

The training scope

  • Organizational issues of the exam
  • Conduct and rules during the exam

  • Syllabus range
  • Useful links
  • What to do to save time during the exam?
  • Useful links and sources

  • Table calculations
  • Sets
  • Ratio calculations, differences between measures
  • grouping
  • Elements of descriptive statistics: trend lines, clustering, forecast

  • Theory
  • Practical tasks

Ask for a dedicated training for your company!

Setting yourself a goal in the form of an exam date is a great motivator to take your Tableau skills to the next level. You can ask us any questions about the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate training and exam. CONTACT US.