Open or dedicated training for your company

If you already have the first contact with Tableau and you can apply the concepts of Quick Start training, we will help take your skills to the next level. The training reveals the secrets of visual data analysis using Tableau Desktop. We will teach you how to create more complicated calculations and build custom visualizations from them. You will learn more about how to clean up data and create more complex data models. We encourage you to take advantage of a two-day training combining the Quick Start module and Data Analyst.

The training scope

  • Joining tables
  • Merging tables (union)
  • Cross-database joins
  • Data cleaning using the Data Interpreter
  • Pivot

  • Parameters
  • Sets

  • Conditional expressions IF, CASE
  • Calculations on YTD, QTD, MTD dates and differences to previous periods
  • Level Of Detail with examples
  • Tabular calculations

  • Trend lines, regression
  • clustering
  • histograms

  • Basic geographical functions
  • Custom maps
  • Custom geocoding
  • Shp files and custom regions

  • Containers
  • Set Actions
  • Parameter action
  • Management dashboard
  • Analytical dashboard

  • Publikowanie workbooków
  • Rola oraz ich uprawnienia
  • Interakcja z wizualizacjami – interfejs i połączenie Tableau Server

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