We offer Alteryx trainings that we have already tested and we perfect them constantly. We train talents from various industries (such as international FMCG companies, electronics, pharmacy, IT, SaaS, automotive companies) and we know how to ensure quality in their daily work.

Why is it worth training Alteryx?

You’ve probably spent too much time cleaning Excel spreadsheets. Perhaps another department has a particularly complex template that they fill out every quarter, and your task is to visualize the results? In Excel, the correct setting of the spreadsheet takes many hours: you need to delete rows, subtotals and rearrange the entire sheet. At Alteryx, you can do this task very quickly in a few steps!

Instead of tediously cleaning up your spreadsheet every quarter, after designing the process at Alteryx you will never have to do it again. Just plan your workflow at regular intervals.

Many websites publish APIs for developers to give them access to their data. Once you find the API link, you can download data to Alteryx and link it to your data resources.

Alteryx allows you to easily calculate the distance between points and use this data for further analysis. For example, it works great to answer the question of how far most customers travel to reach stores. There are also built-in models for many types of predictive analysis within Alteryx, from linear regression to spline models.

It is easier to work with it than with programming code, but knowledge of coding allows you to achieve even more.

How will we work?

We are passionate about data analysis and we’ve been for many years helping people in various positions to improve their skills. Thanks to this, later they grow faster by themselves, thereby we are helping their organizations grow. We are very proud that we can be part of your success.

  • The training takes place in a hands-on formula where you learn to work with Alteryx yourself with the support of an instructor.
  • We have prepared a lot of examples for participants that will allow them to learn a wide range of tools.
  • At the end of each block, participants solve the capstone project.
  • After the training, we offer support to each participant in the form of remote consultations.

Training for your company

Alteryx Designer

Training for demanding data analysts and citizen data scientist who do not want to compromise when working with data. Alteryx Designer is a complete tool that offers unlimited possibilities for data modeling and analysis. During this training, you’ll learn the entire “Alteryx universe” and the entire wide range of tools. Alteryx Designer is not only ETL. It’s a whole Data Science platform that doesn’t require a single line of programming code.


See the training agenda!

  • How is the Alteryx Designer interface built?
  • What are the tool categories and how to use them?
  • What is the philosophy of working with data flow?
  • How to profile and explore data in the model?
  • How to combine, aggregate data sources?
  • How to purify a given using different techniques?
  • How to automate processes thanks to macros?
  • How do you add R / Python scripts?


One-day training (7 hours of training):

  • On-site closed
  • Online closed

For information on the price of the training, please contact us via the form.


We run trainings at your company’s headquarters. We’ll get everywhere. We can also organize them online.

Training is run by Vizyble Partners or our consultants who have many years of experience in data analysis and visualization.


Yes, but it can generate additional costs, depending on the size of the program changes. We would like to discuss this individually to find the optimal solution. If you are interested in developing a training based on your data, write to us.

We are flexible and adapt to your needs during the training. The instructor can quickly recognize the group’s level and learning curve, and adjust the pace and cases as needed during training. In the case of training dedicated to companies, 20% of the course outline is moderated during the training.

Closed training means that we are coming to your office to conduct the training. That is why it is important to provide a conference room in which all participants feel comfortable. Alternatively, in exceptional circumstances, we can arrange a training venue for your team, but this would involve additional costs.

Ask about Alteryx Designer training!

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