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Training for demanding data analysts and citizen data scientist who do not want to compromise when working with data. Alteryx Designer is a complete tool that offers unlimited possibilities for data modeling and analysis.

During this training, you will learn about Alteryx Universe and a wide range of tools. Alteryx Designer is not only ETL. It’s a whole Data Science platform that doesn’t require a single line of programming code.

The scope of training

  • What is Alteryx?
  • Main components of Alteryx Universe
  • Differences from other solutions

Explaining basic terms and vocabulary

  • Overview of the main menu, canvas, settings panel and data window
  • You will learn how to work drag and drop

  • Good practices for documenting and organizing the flow
  • How to format the flow – ‘favorites’, color settings, containers, comments.

  • Explain the philosophy of working with flow
  • A complete, simple data model using basic tools

  • Use of join, union, fuzzy match, append tool
  • Work with databases in the in-DB formula

  • Aggregating data
  • Data grouping
  • Transpose columns to rows and rows to columns

  • Clearing data from unwanted characters
  • Separating text into columns
  • Using the RegEX function

  • Possibilities of geographical analysis
  • Counting the distance between points
  • Searching for points within the territory

  • Forecasting using the ARIMA and ETS model
  • Clustering
  • Adding scripts in R or Python

  • Generating the final data set
  • Publishing data to the BI server

  • Creating macros
  • Scheduler functionality overview

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