What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is a cloud-based ETL platform and data pipeline at once. This tool featuring a wide range of proprietary, prebuilt data connectors for every data source and deliver analysis-ready schemas and adapt to source changes automatically.

It is an only correct architecture for large enterprises moving to the cloud. This product is designed from the ground up to automatically normalize complex data sources, recover from failures without human intervention, and leverage the revolutionary capabilities of analytical databases such as Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery and Databricks.

Fivetran prepares your data so you can run analytics instantly. It is not requiring coding and custom training. You complete replication by default and you can access to all your data in SQL.

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What will you gain thanks to Fivetran?

Apart from quick access to customer data. Powered by Fivetran reduces development time for analytics products by seamlessly onboarding new customers through an accessible API and simple user experience. The tool prepares your data so you can run analytics instantly and complete replication by default.

This tool gives you immediate, secure access to broad customer data with HTTPS connection. Leverage 150+ Fivetran connectors without credentials ever touching your own servers.

Control exactly which data gets synced to a destination and build repeatable experiences. With Fivetran all of raw data stays in the warehouse untouched. It allows to keep reports up to date and take daily snapshots of critical data, such as sales pipeline, so you can understand the state of today and tomorrow through a really simple transformation.

Fivetran has automated processes which enable you to trigger SQL transformations whenever new data hits the warehouse or on a schedule. There is no engineering required. Transformations takes advantage of data analysts’ language of choice: SQL.

Who should download Fivetran?

If you want an agile approach to working with data and you don’t have enough time and you think that working with ETL tools and complex processes that require SQL should be more effective, use this solution!

The person who wants to use it is both someone inquisitive, without any SQL programming skills or in the R language, as well as an analyst who has the task of preparing data on a daily basis in a way that is needed at the moment.

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