What is Alteryx?

This is a Data Science solution. Sounds fashionable? Exactly this a tool at the interface of data and science, which can be downloaded by anyone regardless of the size of the organization in which they work. The only thing that must characterize you is the desire to discover and draw conclusions from ever larger data sets. According to the latest Gartner report for 2020 for data science and machine learning platforms, it has been recognized as a leader in the field of ‘Ability to Execute’, and this confirms its high capabilities to provide breakthrough solutions.

Alteryx revolutionizes business thanks to data analysis. Alteryx Designer is not only ETL. It’s a whole Data Science platform that doesn’t require a single line of programming code. It enables organizations to break down data barriers and provide instant responses. Both data scientists and business users can discover, prepare and analyze data using one scalable analytical platform.

Vizyble is the official partner and reseller of Alteryx software. In our company you will meet consultants who will help you plan and create your projects remotely at any time.


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What will you gain thanks to Alteryx?

After all, you can automate repetitive tasks during data preparation and analysis, thus freeing up valuable hours. Once created, the flow can be used repeatedly. You can also create analytical applications and macros that you can share with others within your organization.

With a palette of over 250 tools, you will achieve results as quickly as possible. The creation of data flow is done in a visual way in real time. That is why organizations quickly and confidently receive answers faster than they ever thought possible.

Due to the fact that Alteryx is self-service, not only data scientist can work on it, but also everyone who analyzes data on a daily basis. Its advantage is visual drag and drop workflows that allow users to combine, clean and mix data wherever stored. Then analyze and model your data in a code-free or code-friendly environment if you can program.

If you want to reach for external data available in the network, then in Alteryx you will do it by connecting directly to APIs. Alteryx visualytics lets you see how data changes throughout your workflow.

At every stage, Alteryx informs about the correctness of flow parameters, which can be modified and tested in real time, without the risk of losing previous results. Thanks to the possibilities of creating documentation, you and other users of your models will be able to easily find themselves in them.

The Alteryx platform allows organizations to scale according to their needs. If full automation, cataloging and secure sharing of flows are necessary, the platform responds to these expectations in the form of Alteryx Server, Promote and Connect. It grows with the organization, providing breakthrough in business results.

Who should download Alteryx?

If you want an agile approach to working with data and you don’t have enough time and you think that working with ETL tools and complex processes that require SQL should be more effective, use this solution!

The person who wants to use it is both someone inquisitive, without any SQL programming skills or in the R language, as well as an analyst who has the task of preparing data on a daily basis in a way that is needed at the moment.

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Alteryx Designer training at Vizyble

We conduct training for demanding data analysts and citizen data scientist who do not want to compromise when working with data. During this training, you’ll learn the entire “Alteryx universe” and the entire wide range of tools. Learn more about our training!

  • Interface operation
  • Tools categories and their usage
  • The philosophy of working with data flow
  • Connecting to source files and databases
  • Profiling and exploring data in the model
  • Connecting and aggregating data sources
  • Data cleaning using various techniques
  • Adding R / Python script

One-day training (7 hours of training):

  • On-site closed
  • Online closed

For information on the price of the training, please contact us via the form.

Alteryx Coffee from Vizyble

Alteryx Coffee is a practical and inspiring presentation conducted every Tuesday by Wiktor Kitzman, who is its true enthusiast. Drink coffee, listen and learn how to create your first data flows in 20 minutes. Get inspired and learn examples of the best applications and groundbreaking changes in organizations through data analysis at Alteryx. They led to millions of savings in corporations such as Audi, Publicis, and optimized shopping traffic at the huge Munich Airport.

Every week on Tuesday at 11.00 am, new Practical, Inspirational meeting or Q & A.

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Regular workshops, the ability to comment and ask questions will allow you to learn faster. In turn, it will help us tailor subsequent content to your needs.

Download the 14-day trial version of Alteryx, then the coffee will turn into a practical reverse engineering

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Alteryx Core Fundamentals educational series

Want to learn how to solve data problems?

You have a chance! This beginner-friendly series of knowledge in English discusses the basic steps that will help you get started with Alteryx. They will help you increase your analytical skills for free. Start your adventure with Alteryx! Familiarize yourself with the program →

Have you just downloaded Alteryx Designer and want to know where to start? Join this session to build your first workflow to prepare and combine your data in record time so that you can start diving in data.

Are you an Excel ninja who needs to speed up these tedious data preparation tasks? In this session you will work with an expert who will transfer popular functions of Excel to workflow on the analytical platform. All to recover 7 hours a week wasted on manually updating spreadsheets.

Data is everywhere and in every possible format. This course will show you exactly how to combine and mix different data sources, such as databases and flat files. After mixing the data, perform calculations and data manipulation techniques such as parsing, transposition you name it.

You were created to do more than just prepare and mix data. Start the adventure with advanced analytics without code. In this course, you’ll familiarize yourself with the entire prediction package so that you know which tools suit your specific needs, and create your first advanced model so you can look ahead with confidence.

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