Our products answer business questions of many organizations needs. Nowadays, we compete primarily with access to the right information and the ability to quickly make the right decisions. All of our products solve problems and they all deliver similar results.


Core Values
Better market knowledge than ever before
Whether you want to monitor prices in the e-commerce channel or market shares in the FMCG industry, each of our products provides key information for making better business decisions. If you think that you already know everything about your industry and control every change, let us surprise you.
Advanced Analytics
Advanced analytics doesn’t mean complicated. It is true that we use advanced data processing technologies, such as Machine Learning, but ultimately you will consume reports that give a clear understanding of market changes. We analyze dynamics over time, structure, we use segmentation and regression.
Saving time
Our solutions are time efficient and will free the time of your employees who are involved in the process of preparing market data. We lead the entire data supply and update process. You receive ready analyzes.
Quick results
You don't have to wait long for results, depending on the product, you can receive them almost immediately.
Cost saving
We know that market data is expensive, so we take the cost of processing and you pay in a convenient way for access to analysis. We maintain the highest safety standards.
Approach and technology flexibility
Do you need dedicated analyzes or a combination of internal data with market data? We are pleased to deal with the expansion of the platform and customize the platform to fit your needs. The whole process is to achieve the best business benefits.
Pricing Monitor

Pricing Monitor allows you to monitor the daily price changes of the largest retailers in Poland and abroad. Our technology gives you the opportunity to compare the prices of the most important players on the market and react immediately to changes. This tool allows you to see price opportunities, and thereby achieve a significant improvement in profits.

Market Share Analysis

Market Shares Analysis will allow you to analyze the entire market using your own data from Nielsen, GFK Polonia, IQUVIA or IHS Markit. You will be able to answer most business questions immediately, and thanks to the efficiency of the Tableau solution, you will go down to the level of any SKU!

Market Forecast

Using the latest technologies in the area of data visualization and forecasting models, we are able to prepare a set of analyzes estimating the behavior of your sales results or market demand. We cooperate with the best experts in the field of machine learning, consequently we will be able to estimate indicators with the best possible accuracy!