We collect daily and provide our clients with price data and information on the availability of products from the websites of over 20 retailers and telecoms in Poland and abroad. We create unique data sets, process and enrich them. Currently, we offer 14 product categories and over 10,000 SKUs. In addition, we observe the availability of products online and in stationary stores.

According to the roles in the organization
The management board defines the guidelines for pricing policy and profitability
Product Manager
Takes care of proper product positioning
Pricing Manager
Protects the pricing policy
Market Analyst
Needs macro and micro data
Supply Chain
Ensures high availability of products

Where does the data come from?

The data is crucial but the way in which it is presented is also important. It is a way to quickly make decisions and see significant trends. We offer a set of intuitive, interactive reports that can become your everyday working tools in determining the price policy. Our reports are designed according to the best data visualization standards. Sample questions that our platform will answer:

  • Which products have recorded a rise / fall in prices in the short and long term?
  • What are the “price chances”?
  • What are the price baskets for product categories?
  • What is the price comparison between the same products between retailers?
  • What is the comparison of replacement prices for products?
  • What is the online and offline availability in stationary stores?
  • What are the current promotions/offers?

Analytical platform

Pricing Monitor is for anyone who is responsible for creating pricing policies through various means and wants to control the activity of the competition.

According to industries